Bakkafrost’s first flight: Freshly-harvested salmon to land in New York by nightfall on Tuesday

Editorial Staff

Bakkafrost’s new aircraft has a range of 7,000 km and a maximum payload of 34 tons.

Leading Faroese salmon producer Bakkafrost has launched its cargo airline, FarCargo, with the arrival of its Boeing 757-200F aircraft named Eysturoy at Vagar Airport in the Faroe Islands on Monday.

The subsidiary is set to commence operations with its first flight from the Faroe Islands to New York on Tuesday, transporting salmon harvested that same morning according to CEO Regin Jacobsen.

“This development promises to have a substantial impact: it will extend shelf life, enhance quality, and significantly reduce food waste,” wrote Jacobsen in a LinkedIn update on Monday.

The aircraft, previously operated by American Airlines for passenger flights, has been modified for cargo operations. It has a range of 7,000 km and a maximum payload capacity of 34 tons, enabling FarCargo to offer services to various destinations, including Europe and the Middle East.

FarCargo’s operations include routes between Vágar airport in the Faroe Islands and Newark International Airport in New York, with stopovers at Keflavik Airport in Iceland and Billund Airport in Denmark. This initiative aims to improve the delivery speed and freshness of Bakkafrost’s salmon products to international markets.

“The plane’s arrival enables a smoother and more flexible response to market changes, ultimately leading to improved service for our valued customers,” said Jacobsen.

The launch of FarCargo aligns with Bakkafrost’s strategy to enhance market access and maintain the quality of its salmon exports. CEO Regin Jacobsen emphasized the importance of efficient logistics in achieving this goal. The new route is expected to offer extended shelf life and improved service quality for Bakkafrost’s customers.


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