Bankrupted Danish fish supplier acquired by competing companies

Katrina Poulsen

The 137-year-old Danish purveyor of seafood has been bought by Skagerak Fiskeeksport and Kalu. 

A couple of weeks ago the Danish fish supplier declared bankruptcy due to the ongoing crisis, now the company has been bought up by one of their former main salmon suppliers  Skagerak Fiskeeksport and Kalu, writes

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In a press release by Kalu the company director commented on the purchase of Kongsbak:

“For us, it makes sense to help secure Kongsbak’s future operations, as we believe it is an important supplier in our industry of high-quality products to the restaurant and food industry. We have the same customer portfolio of quality-conscious chefs and restaurants who are used to an exclusive range and an ultra-high level of service,” says Kalu director Thomas Høy.

Until the bankruptcy, the company was run by the fifth generation, Jacob Kongsbak, who has been part of the company since childhood. He continues to handle daily operations after the company is transferred to Kalu and Skagerak Fiskeeksport.

Skagerak Fiskeeksport, which is also a family business, is owned by Christian Espersen.



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