BC experiencing “dangerous, long-duration” heatwave as temperatures rise to 46.6 C

Extreme heat in salmon farming region.

Environment Canada posted a statement that the BC region is facing “an unprecedented heatwave”.

The heatwave is expected to last through the end of Monday in Metro Vancouver, but may continue to Thursday in other parts of the province.

According to Canada’s official weather and climate source, the town of Lytton, B.C., at the confluence of the Thompson River and Fraser River, became the first location in Canada ever to record a temperature over 45 degrees Celsius. The thermometer hit 46.6 C on Sunday.

The previous record was 45 C, set on July 5th 1937 at Yellow Grass, and Midale, Saskatchewan.

The optimal sea temperatures for Atlantic salmon vary between 8 C and 14 C. The fish can live in significantly colder or warmer water but stop eating at over 20 C.

“Cermaq Canada is not experiencing any unusual seasonal, operational or fish health issues due to the short-term, warmer air temperatures. Naturally, we are making sure our staff are staying safe while working in warmer than normal temperature conditions. We expect temperatures to start dropping to seasonal normal, starting on Tuesday, June 29, 2021,” said a Cermaq Canada spokesperson.


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