BC industry starts to shop, as green-spending money arrives


The Canadian Government has at last starting doling out the money promised months ago for cleaner aquaculture operations, a real boon for suppliers with something cleaner-running to offer fisherman and salmon-farmers.

Ottawa’s Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program reached British Columbia on Tuesday with CAD 250,000 for six BC businesses. Similar money was dispersed in the Maritime East of Canada this week.

For those offering or wanting solar panels, energy storage, cleaner motors, carbon-scrubbers or better fish-farm flotation, heat pump retrofits or better, the program offers a real lift.

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One of those that jumped on the money was oyster farmer Bee Islets Growers. They’ll replace the Styrofoam floats at their farms with greener polyethylene billets for CAD 43,125.

Others taking the money to get cleaner was steelhead farmer, West Coast Fish Culture. They’ll convert a diesel engine used to wash nets to an electric engine and replace an old tugboat engine with a high efficiency version with their CAD 37,246. OM Harvesting.

In all, from coast to coast, the clean-tech program will provide CAD 20 million over four years. Fish-farm operators (including Atlantics) and suppliers alike can apply for the get-greener money here.


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