Belgium authorities detect listeria in smoked salmon product

Brugse Visrokerij Alloo (Blue Ocean Seafood) pulls Extra Smoked Salmon from the shelves.

Following a check, Belgium’s food safety authority the FASFC, detected the presence of Listeria in a packet of Extra Smoked Salmon.

The company Brugse Visrokerij Alloo said it would withdraw this product from the sale and to remind consumers not to eat of the following product.

Product Description

– Product category: fish
– Product Name: Smoked Smoked Salmon
– Brand: Alloo
– Expiration date: 09/07/2019
– Lot number: 32419 1306
– Sale period: 14/06 / 2019- 19/06/2019
– Packaging: laminated cardboard in a printed vacuum bag
– Weight: 200 g


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