Benchmark launch digital software in collaboration with Norway’s leading fish health service providers

editorial staff

Salmon-focused iWise HealthPortal aims to streamline the fish health process and prevent disease.

In a press release the company say that the iWise HealthPortal system has been developed in close partnership with two of Norway’s leading fish health service providers, MarinHelse and Akerblå.

The new cloud-based system allows farmers and producers to collect, visualise and analyse all of their health-related data and share this with their health partners as well as third parties.

Ralf Onken, Head of Software at Benchmark said:
“We are delighted to launch a new tool designed to allow effective collaboration between producers, health providers, third-party inspectors and suppliers across the Norwegian salmon sector. The HealthPortal is the result of successfully combining Benchmark’s diverse and international expertise, with our partners’ deep understanding of the particular conditions and challenges in Norway. We believe industry collaboration is critical to realise our vision for a more sustainable and resilient food system.”

Lene-Catrin Ervik, Director of Fish Health at Åkerblå, a Norwegian fish Health provider, said that she joined the initiative as there was a strong demand to amass health data in a standardised way and in one secure database:
“From my experience as a fish health professional I know that creating a tool for the whole sector will be a gamechanger in the management of fish health at an industry level.”

The tool connects with established suppliers and plug-ins including FishTalk, Mercatus and The Aquaculture Register.
Per Anton Sæther, Fish Health Director at MarinHelse, also a partner in the project said.
“The HealthPortal is an important tool to safeguard the quality and efficiency of the work we do. Together we have worked hard to develop a dynamic fish health journal that also lets us disseminate health developments in an easy and clear way.”


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