Benchmark scores two new broodstock licences; doubles production

Editorial Staff

Benchmark CEO Trond Williksen attributed the granting of the new licences to the company’s importance to the industry.

Aquaculture biotechnology firm Benchmark Holdings has acquired two new salmon broodstock licences from Norway’s Directory of Fisheries.

The AIM-listed company highlighted that the new licences would facilitate the production of an additional 780 tons of salmon broodstock, marking a significant stride in the company’s bid to increase its production capacity.

One licence caters to sea production, allowing for up to 360 metric tons, while the second is for land-based production, accommodating up to 420 tons.

This acquisition essentially doubles Benchmark’s licenced production volume.

CEO Trond Williksen emphasized the importance of the firm’s genetics operations in providing bio-secure salmon eggs throughout the year. He attributed the granting of the new licences to Benchmark’s industry prominence, operational excellence, and consistent track record.

“These licences augment our capacity to ensure a steady supply of high-quality, bio-secure eggs, endowed with optimal genetic traits. This aligns seamlessly with our overarching objective of propelling sustainability within the aquaculture sector,” Williksen said.


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