Proximar Seafood is preparing for its first egg input this summer

editorial staff

Bergen-based Proximar Seafood, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, is currently building its first fish farm, on land, right at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. Construction work has been going on on the site, which is a two-hour drive from Tokyo, since 2021.

Recent video clips now show that the company’s hatchery and outgrowth facilities are beginning to take shape. Both walls and ceilings are in place.

The company is planning to put eggs into the hatchery during the third quarter of this year. The roe will be delivered by Benchmark Genetics.

Hatching of roe, as well as production of fry and smolts is estimated to take ten months. This is followed by feeding to a harvest weight of around five kilos, which will take another 12 months, according to presentation material prepared by Proximar.

The first harvest of fish is expected from the summer of 2024.

The plant, developed by the Israeli technology supplier AquaMaof, is dimensioned for a production of 5,300 tonnes of salmon annually.