Bidding war over fish farmer happening

editorial staff

NTS, Mowi and SalMar are vying for Norwegian salmon farmer Salmonor.

The medium-sized fish farming company Salmonor is in the process of being sold to a listed company.

Dagens Næringsliv reported this citing “several independent sources”.

Based at Rørvik, Central Norway, Salmonor produces about 14,000 tonnes of salmon annually and is controlled by the Bondø family.

According to the newspaper, three players reportedly made bids last week. Bids are currently being considered and a decision is expected shortly.

According to DN, the bidding battle is between Mowi, SalMar and NTS, and the newspaper estimated a price tag of between EUR 200-300 million.

Chairman of the board of NTS Helge Gåsø confirmed that he has submitted a bid for Salmonor. Neither Mowi nor SalMar will confirm that they have made a bid for the company.


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