Big christening party for Solvtrans’ new 80 meter boat

Aslak Berge

“Ronia Diamond” was christened this Saturday in Bergen. 

“May good luck follow you on the seven seas.”

Godmother and shipowner Anja Halsebakk needs three attempts before the champagne bottle breaks against the navy blue hull of “Ronia Diamond”.

“Third time lucky, I know this,” assures Kleven CEO Staale Rasmussen.

A spectacular sight
Resolute horn music with an orchestra plays the Norwegian national anthem, and then the party begins.

“Ronia Diamond” is decorated with flags, and the boat is a spectacular sight in Bergen. The new 80-meter long boat chooses a brilliant September day as a venue for its baptismal party. As a backdrop behind the harbor side is the venerable “Statsraad Lehmkuhl”.

“What can you say when you see the weather and the mood here? It is always good weather when we are going to christen a boat in Solvtrans,” says market director Petter Gunnarstein.

He shows SalmonBusiness around the bridge, which has a two-digit number of monitor screens to keep an eye on everything happening on board.

“Here are camera positions for all rooms. They accompany the fish. They read temperatures, filter pressure. Here you read oxygen levels, CO2, ph, you have salinity and logging of ozone when we disinfect the tanks,” he says, pointing and gesturing enthusiastically.

How much fish can you carry in the tanks?”

“150 kilos per cubic meter, ie about 500 tons. The boat is 3,200 cubic meters. And then we have 450 tonnes of back-up water for freshwater treatment,” adds Gunnarstein.

This makes the boat’s primary job a two-way thing: freshwater treatment against salmon lice, in addition to carrying fish.

“How long can you carry live fish in the tanks?”

“In practice, it takes around six hours. If it is to be landed, it will take 12-15 hours. This is also specially made for freshwater treatment.”

“It’s going to Chile. First, it will be tested until the end of June. Then it will enter a contract in August to Humbolt, owned by Cermaq.”

Most of the Silvertrans boats are named “Ronja”, after the couple Robin and Anja Halsebakk. «Ronia Diamond» is an exception.

“It’s called “Ronia”, not “Ronja”. The “j” is pronounced differently in Chile,” Gunnarstein explains.

A large number of guests have arrived for the ceremony. Shipyard staff, sub-contractors and banks. After the naming and guided tours, there is a party dinner at the Radisson in Bergen.

“As for alcohol, we in Kleven are taking care of it,” Kleven’s CEO Stale Rasmussen says before he hurries to add:” But please do not write it.”


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