Big feed increase creates leap in biomass

Aslak Berge

Eight per-cent increase in feed sales pumped up salmon biomass in August.

Fish stock in Norwegian fish farming cages was estimated by Akvafakta to be 734,000 tonnes at the end of August/ beginning of September. This is a full ten per-cent increase from the level 12 months earlier.

The main reason behind the increase in biomass is increased feeding. Feed sales, totalling 208,000 tonnes, showed a year-on-year increase of eight per-cent.

In August, 119,000 tonnes of salmon were exported, corresponding to an increase of five-per-cent from August last year.

For trout, the numbers are even higher.

Trout biomass increased by 22 per-cent, to 47,000 tonnes, following a 23 per-cent feed increase in August.

The increased feeding is not due to climatic conditions. The average temperature in the sea in August was 13.8 degrees – 0.5 degrees colder than it was in August 2018.


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