Big jump in exports driven by overseas markets

Aslak Berge

Exports of farmed trout have increased by 42 per cent so far this year.

By mid-September, Norwegian fish exporters will have sold 19,350 tonnes of fresh trout (with head) out of the country. The largest trout buyers are in the EU market, which so far this year has recorded a total of 4,860 tonnes. However, that number has declined from last year.

But export statistics from the Norwegian Seafood Council show market growth and other emerging countries and continents are taking care of that.

Overseas markets
The US are increased the most. Americans consumed 2,470 tonnes of trout, a 79 percent increase by the same time in 2017.

Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have all imported more than 1,000 tonnes this year, and have recorded an increase of 99, 60 and 59 per cent respectively.

Ukraine has also increased its share specifically by 136 percent, to 1,616 tonnes.

However, the previously dominant Japanese trout market is only a shadow of its former self. So far this year, Japan has only imported 615 tonnes of Norwegian trout.

A key reason behind the increased total trout exports is lower prices. The Norwegian average price for the year is NOK 61.01 (EUR 6.3) against NOK 70.63 (EUR 7.3) from the same period last year.


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