Biggest salmon farmers in Chile form organisation to unite industry initiatives

Editorial staff

Four of the largest salmon companies come together to form the Chilean Salmon Council. The organisation hopes to bring new insight and visions into the salmon farming industry in Chile.

The group is composed of AquaChile, Cermaq, Mowi and Salmones Aysén, who decided to form it with the aim of joining efforts to develop a sustainable industry, connected with authorities, communities and continuing respect for the environment.

All companies in the group have a long history of salmon farming, both worldwide and in Chile.

“We are part of an industry that started working from a small beginning and that over the years developed, grew and is constantly professionalizing, in a path that has had learnings, mistakes and challenges. Therefore, with a long-term vision, participating companies are committed to being a benchmark for innovation, adherence to current regulations, respect for their employees and the communities where they are integrated, and the availability to implement the best production practices available, which allow us to position the Chilean industry as a world leader in salmon production”, expresses the board of the Salmon Council in a press release.

In the direction is:

  • Sady Delgado, representing AquaChile
  • Steven Rafferty, Cermaq Chile
  • Fernando Villarroel, Mowi Chile
  • Pablo Baraona, of Salmones Aysén
  • A fifth member to be defined and will be independent.In the coming weeks, new actions of the Chilean Salmon Council will be released, such as the formal registration of the Counsel and the hiring of the first CEO.

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