Billionaire investor sells Atlantic Sapphire shares after doubling his profits

editorial staff

Land-based salmon farmer’s share price has  skyrocketed 129 per cent since listing.

Stein Erik Hagen joined Atlantic Sapphire’s owners in connection with the company’s IPO. In March 2018 he put in excess of 700,000 shares worth EUR 3.4 million, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

The self-made billionaire Hagen is also the biggest owner of listed consumer staples company Orkla.

Atlantic Sapphire’s share price has skyrocketed. From the IPO until today, the price has grown 129 per cent.

Hagen is now apparently satisfied with the return on invested capital.

In early October, he began to sell to himself. Recent shareholder lists now show that Hagen’s holding company Canica is off the list of the 30 largest owners in Atlantic Sapphire.

According to Dagens Næringsliv’s calculations, Hagen has more than doubled his money in Atlantic Sapphire.


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