Billionaire Island: Netflix reveals plans for salmon industry drama from the creators of Lilyhammer

Editorial staff

The drama is set to revolve around two feuding families entrenched in the global salmon industry.

Global streaming titan Netflix has revealed plans to launch a new drama to be titled ‘Billionaire Island’ next year, with production already underway since late August in Frøya, Norway.

The announcement was made through an official press release from the company on Tuesday.

Set in a quaint Norwegian coastal town, ‘Lakseøya’ (as it is to be called in Norwegian) revolves around two feuding families entrenched in the global salmon business, offering a mix of drama and romance, with the intricacies of salmon farming as its backdrop.

Commenting on the inception of the series, creators and writers Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin remarked, “Over the last few decades, fish farming has changed both the Norwegian coast and international food culture. The time feels right for a television drama about the operators in the industry, and it’s amazing that a global streaming service like Netflix has the guts to tell such a locally grounded story.”

The show promises to deliver “a humorous, contemporary, and dramatic depiction of the aquaculture industry.”

Bjørnstad and Skodvin, the creative minds behind the show, have previously contributed to Norway-set smash hit ‘Lilyhammer’.


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