Billund Aquaculture and Broodstock Capital part ways

Danish company Billund Aquaculture has announced that Broodstock Capital has sold all of its shares in the company to the Sorensen family, who founded and co-own the business.

At the same time, Billund Aquaculture sold all of its shares in the Norwegian subsidiary to Broodstock Capital, as the company welcomes new investors.

“Following discussions about the Group’s role in a growing and developing global market, Broodstock and the Sørensen family has agreed to split ways and allow the two entities to grow individually going forward,” the company announced in a press release.

Broodstock Capital’s managing partner Jan Erik Løvik, said: “We are pleased to have reached this joint arrangement, which we believe will be mutually beneficial to both companies. We want to thank the Sørensen family for the years of work together.”

“We are confident that this new ownership structure will lay the foundation for a new era in Billund Aquaculture’s development as a leading player in the global RAS market. We also want to thank Broodstock Capital for their valuable support and cooperation in recent years and wish them all the best in their future projects,” said Christian Sørensen, Group CEO of Billund Aquaculture.


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