Billund says it was not involved with or informed of Atlantic Sapphire’s mortality preliminary analysis

Atlantic Sapphire said that it lost 500 tonnes of fish because of “design weakness from its RAS supplier”. Billund is offering help to clarify the cause after mass death.

On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, Atlantic Sapphire announced on the Oslo Stock Exchange that it had an incident in one of its grow-out systems at its Miami facility. The other systems were unaffected.

Atlantic Sapphire’s preliminary analysis, which remains subject to change, identified “design weakness from its RAS supplier caused significant amounts of particles to flow from the drum filters (particle filtration systems) into the biofilters and trickling filters”.

The company’s RAS supplier is Danish Billund Aquaculture.

Bjarne Hald Olsen. PHOTO: Billund Aquaculture

Billund COO & business & development manager Bjarne Hald Olsen told SalmonBusiness that the RAS supplier, manufacturer and designer noted the information given to the market and noted that Atlantic Sapphire has a preliminary analysis of the cause of the incident

Olsen added that the company could not comment as “we have not been involved nor informed of or notified of Atlantic Sapphires’ preliminary root cause. We have offered our assistance to a detailed investigation, based on detailed operational data in order to fully understand the correlation between how the system was operated against the design criteria of the system”.


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