BioMar announces changes in management in Ecuador

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Andres Rivadulla to take over as General Manager.

Danish feed producing giant BioMar announced on Wednesday that the General Manager of BioMar Ecuador, Danny Velez, has decided to retire as of 31 May, 2024.

BioMar Ecuador’s current Finance Director, Andres Rivadulla, will take over as General Manager.

“Under the leadership of Danny Velez, we have seen our operation in Ecuador go through a tremendous growth process. He is passing on a company in excellent shape despite the difficult environment for both our staff and customers with national security challenges, continued power cuts that interrupt production, and low shrimp prices,” said Henrik Aarestrup, Vice President, LATAM, Shrimp and Hatchery at BioMar in a release announcing the move on Friday.

Velez joined Alimentsa in 1991 as Operations Manager and in 1993 he was appointed Vice General Manager. When BioMar Group acquired Alimentsa in 2017 he became the first General Manager of BioMar Ecuador. He successfully took the company through the transition from a family-owned local business to becoming a part of a leading multinational feed company.

Andres Rivadulla joined BioMar Ecuador from the well-known French supplier of plastic pens and lighters, Bic, in 2018.

“Andres has as Finance Director demonstrated great skill and overview and in the last couple of years he has taken on a role beyond the original scope of his position. This leaves me confident that he will be able to lead the continued development of BioMar Ecuador,” said Aarestrup.

Velez will act as Special Counselor to BioMar Ecuador and the Board of Directors of BioMar Ecuador for an initial 12 month period.


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