BioMar aquires AquaChile feed mill

editorial staff

Feed giant now sole owner of the former joint venture.

In a press release, BioMar announced that Chilean competition authorities confirmed that the acquisition by BioMar of Alitec Pargua did not trigger a pre-merger review. As announced in March, BioMar Group and AquaChile entered into an acquisition agreement that would give BioMar full ownership of the Chilean factory Alitec Pargua, in which AquaChile held a 50% interest.

The company wrote that it will continue the commercial relationship with AquaChile.

BioMar Chile will now get access to a significant volume of flexible production capacity. Chile’s current salmon feed production capacity is 1.5 million tonnes.

“We have during the last years experienced an increasing demand in the market targeting our high-performance feed, functional products and services. We will now have more flexible capacity to meet those demands and we will now be able to plan for future upgrades and expansions of the facility in line with the requirement in the market”, explained BioMar Group CEO Carlos Diaz CEO.


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