BioMar chairman: Ingredients a competitive boost


BioMar chairman, Jens Bjerg Sorensen, says new sources of protein are like leverage in feed contract negotiations where the competition are other heavyweight aquafeed makers.

“It’s Norway, especially, where competition is hard. It has a lot to do with the capacity in the market and that clients are very large. You could say they can show their muscles in contract negotiations. But we also use our muscle,” he told Danish Finans.

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Sorensen is also chief exec in Schouw, a listed venture capital company and BioMar’s biggest shareholder.

“We know the market is growing, so you could say that there will be use for the capacity we all have. But feed is very complex, and that’s why there will be more innovation and development in functional feed, which we’re focused on, to position us and make us stronger,” said Sorensen.

One aspect to feed markets is fish diet. To meet an expected future scarcity of fish oil and fish meal, BioMar uses krill and algae.

“We have very large sustainability program in BioMar. Many of the proteins we use today are moving away from being fish meal to being vegetable proteins. That’s also one of the things we use in competitive situations and it’s one of our strengths,” he told the newspaper.

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