BioMar expands research facility with new marine fish larval trial unit

Editorial staff

Denmark-based feed producer hopes to increase its research capabilities in hatchery with the expansion of its Aquaculture Technology Centre in Denmark.

The ATC Hirtshals facility will include a marine fish larval trial unit that for larval rearing and the production of live feed. The ATC will now house 24 RAS larval rearing trial units ranging from 50 to 100 litres.

The new system allows for fine-tuning protocols for larval rearing as well as the production of live feed including Rotifers and Artemia.

The opening of the new hatchery research and development facilities is the second of a three-phased plan.

Ole Christensen, VP of EMEA at BioMar said, “we see significant growth potential in the hatchery feed segment. Our new research facilities will help us continue to evolve our larval feed range while allowing us to respond faster to market and customer needs”.

“The launch of the hatchery trial facility at our ATC Hirtshals is a significant boost to the BioMar Hatchery business unit which will allow us to undertake in-house marine fish larvae feed trials. We look forward to developing and bringing to the market new and exciting innovations in hatchery feeds”, concluded Ole Christensen.


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