BioMar expansion increases production capacity by 140,000 tonnes

press release

This week BioMar opens a new production line at its factory in Karmoy, Western Norway. The new line – Line 3 – has an annual capacity of 140,000 tonnes of fish feed and increases the capacity of the Karmoy factory by 70 percent.

Line 3 has one of the world’s largest hourly capacities on a single production line.

“Our new production line will make a significant contribution to our business,” said Jan Sverre Rostad, BioMar Groups Vice President and Head of Salmon Division.

“We have invested NOK 436 million in Karmoy in connection with the construction of production line 3, with associated infrastructure, auxiliary systems, new laboratories and control rooms.”

“The factory now has considerable annual capacity, with over 340,000 tonnes of ready-made fish feed, thus handling around 680,000 tonnes of raw materials and finished products related to the business. In connection with the production line, BioMar has built a high-efficiency air conditioning system that handles process air from the factory via four wells that use cold seawater for air washing. Process cooling for the production line is also obtained from this seawater, which contributes to highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cooling.

Rostad adds that BioMar has placed great emphasis on finding the best solutions that are being procured; “Our suppliers are selected hi-tech companies from around the world, developers of advanced and sustainable processing and process technology.

“Our further development of Karmoy is something that naturally follows from the benefits the area has to offer. Everything was in place for an efficient expansion of capacity here, such as availability of piped natural gas, raw material suppliers located in the immediate vicinity, direct access to the port of entry and exit, and a pool of local skills. All of this made Karmoy a natural choice,” Jan Sverre Rosstad concludes.


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