BioMar:“Navigating through this crisis has not been a cheap task”

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Feed giant maintains strong position in salmon feed markets.

BioMar Group has reported revenue and earnings for 2020 slightly higher than 2019. The positive development has mainly been driven by the salmon division, where higher volumes secured a year in line with expectations.

BioMar reported a total growth in revenue of four per-cent while full-year EBITDA increased from EUR 129 million in 2019 to EUR 130 million in 2020. The full-year result was driven positively by increased sales volume and cost savings, while partially offset by unfavorable exchange rates and extraordinary costs related to the pandemic.

BioMar left 2020 with significant growth in volume in the salmon market compared to 2019 with a seven per-cent increase in salmon feed volumes.

“New product offerings, an agile adaption to the changing market situation and a new production facility in Australia, laid the foundation for a strong development of the salmon business,” the company wrote.

However, pressure on margins and exchange rates limited the impact on the bottom-line and kept both revenue and results in line with 2019.

In the European markets outside salmon and in the shrimp feed markets, BioMar wrote that its has during the year been impacted significantly by a “challenged HORECA sector, export restrictions and the damages of the Gloria storm raging the Mediterranean area, eliminating a large farming capacity, especially in Spain”.

“Despite the circumstances, we have realised an acceptable year in our EMEA division as well as in our shrimp feed producing countries. We have been able to keep our people safe and in good health, and we have continued to develop our products and grow the business. Since last spring, we have opened factories in Australia and in China, where now we have two production units, and we have launched a new extruded feed production line in Ecuador. In 2021 we have signed a deal to acquire feed business unit in Vietnam positioning us even stronger in the shrimp segment. Looking back at 2020, it has been both challenging and rewarding”, said BioMar CEO Carlos Diaz

“We are leaving 2020 with a very strong position in the salmon feed markets. The pandemic has demanded agile collaboration with our customers adapting feeding strategies and product solutions. We have been able to be close to the markets and took fast decisions across the globe despite travel restrictions and lockdowns,” added Diaz.

“Navigating through this crisis has not been a cheap task,” said Diaz.


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