Biotechnology company PatoGen appoints Johanna Baily as senior adviser

editorial staff

PatoGen, a biotechnology company that supports the aquaculture industry in fish health related challenges, has announced that Dr Johanna Baily has been hired as a senior adviser.

The company, operating in Scotland since 2014, provides both diagnostic and preventative services to the salmon farming sector in Scotland. It recently announced a collaboration with the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Pathology department. The agreement will see fish tissue samples collected in Scotland processed at the university facility before being transferred to PatoGen for analysis.

“This is an important step further for PatoGen’s efforts to build a strong fish health team specialising in Scottish production,” PatoGen said after her appointment.

Baily previously worked at the University of Stirling as a Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Pathology. As a member of the European College of Veterinary Pathologists (ECVP), she is a specialist in the industry, with specific expertise in health and welfare of farmed fish.


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