Björk and Rosalía unite voices against the salmon farming industry

Editorial staff

Iconic Icelandic singer Björk and Spanish pop sensation Rosalía have teamed up to release a song aiming to rally support against industrial salmon farming in Iceland.

The untitled song, set to be released later this month, aims to draw attention to concerns around the environmental impact of large-scale fish farming.

Björk has been vocal about the “devastating effect on wildlife” caused by the fish farming industry. In a released statement, she criticized the expansion of Icelandic and Norwegian businessmen into the majority of Iceland’s fjords with “almost no regulations stopping them.”

Björk alleges that the unregulated expansion of this industry has threatened the extinction of Icelandic salmon due to the mixing of DNA from escaped farmed fish with the wild population.

The song’s proceeds will be donated to support the legal fees of activists in Seyðisfjörður, a fjord where locals have protested against the initiation of fish farming.


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