Bjørnar Olaisen and Bjørg Stemland have sold their shares in Nova Sea parent company

Editorial Staff

Investment vehicle Occasione by Olaisen has bought the shares of Bjørg Stemland and Bjørnar Olaisen in Nova Sea parent-company Vigner Olaisen.

Occasione by Olaisen is owned by the siblings Aino, Maria and Håkon Vigner Olaisen, and is the largest owner of Vigner Olaisen, which in turn is the main shareholder in salmon producer Nova Sea.

Bjørg Stemland and Bjørnar Olaisen owned 10.92 percent of the shares in Vigner Olaisen. After the purchase, Occasione by Olaisen AS will own 62.53 percent of Vigner Olaisen AS.

Now Stemland and Olaisen, through their newly formed company, Hamnholmen, will buy all the properties Vigner Olaisen has on Hamnholmen at Lovund. The intention here is, according to the press release, to contribute to further developing and strengthening the local community.

“Our aunt and uncle, Bjørg Stemland and Bjørnar Olaisen, have been central to the companies at Lovund since the start of the salmon industry in Norway and in Nova Sea, and we are incredibly grateful for the work they have done for the company, and for the important support they have been to us nieces and nephews over the years. We wish them the best of luck with their new venture,” wrote Maria Olaisen on behalf of Occasione by Olaisen.


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