Blom Fiskeoppdrett aiming for new 20,000 tonne-a-year land-based salmon farm

editorial staff

Blom Fiskeoppdrett turns to RAS for (post-smolt) and harvest size fish.

Blom Fiskeoppdrett wants to produce 20,000 tonnes of salmon annually on land at Oksneset, west of Bergen, Norway, reports Vestnytt.

According to the publication, Blom has begun to change the regulation plan for Oksneset, where the company owns land. Work on the fundementals is already underway.

Project manager Jakob Blom told the publication that 40 to 50 square metres are needed for the plant itself, which will produce both post-smolt and fish food.

In total, 20,000 tonnes of salmon will be produced annually in a plant with RAS technology. Blom already owns several hatcheries and has seven salmon farm licenses and a show licence.

“Now we want to take it a step further with a land plant for larger fish (post-smolt) and harvest size fish,” says Jakob Blom.

According to Blom, there are also plans to use the waste from farming to a bioenergy plant or to produce fly larvae, which can be used for animal feed.


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