Bloomberg calls Ōra King salmon the new “Wagyu Beef”

Farmed New Zealand salmon a hit with restaurant industry.

Bloomberg reports on the popularity of New Zealand King Salmon’s Ōra King salmon stock, first imported from California in the 1900s, is fast gaining traction as a high-end product to rival the world’s priciest beef.

Ōra King are raised for five years, and can grow up around 13.6 kilos – but are normally harvested at 4 kilos.

The fish isn’t cheap. The fish costs EUR 27 per 0.45g (farmed Atlantic salmon has gone down to EUR 4 for the first time since autumn 2015) and has drawn comparisons to Japan’s Wagyu beef for its marbled meat.

The publication reported that Ōra King salmon, which represents less than 1% of the world’s salmon supply, has gained popularity with some of the world’s famous restaurants and chefs because of its high-fat content and because it can be bought all year (unlike wild salmon).


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