Bluefin tuna caught in salmon cage sold to sushi chef for €8000

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It has now been sold as sushi

The fish was euthanised and taken to fish wholesaler Lerøy Alfheim.

“We received an inquiry as to whether we had customers who could conceivably want to take care of the large bluefin tuna. The fish weighed 330 kilos, and we have rarely had such large specimens of this fish here with us. I immediately thought that Eirik Sundal, who runs Sabi Sushi, could use such a fish,” Kenneth Larsen, marketing manager at Lerøy, told Fanaposten.

Eirik Sundal didn’t have to think twice.

“It is not often that we get hold of such local exclusive raw material, so I accepted the spot,” Sundal, who is the owner of three Sabi Sushi restaurants in Bergen, said.

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The sushi chefs spent four hours carving the noble raw material.

“The fish is so big that even a large knife is small,” Sundal told NRK .

“There are a few kilos of meat. It is clear that there will be many, many thousands of pieces of sushi from this,” Sundal said.

Although the fish is exclusive, the prices on the menu will remain the same as before.

“We intend to take a little more for the torso. It is an exclusive item.”

Hole in the wall
A hole in the salmon cage that a 330kg bluefin tuna got caught in at Osland Havbruk, Western Norway was fixed after a few hours on Saturday, although some fish did escape.

“There is no new risk of escape as we see it now,” Marte Hatlevik, the daily manager of Osland Havbruk, told NRK .

A smaller number of salmon have been re-fished, with the company still actively working to re-catch the remaining escaped fish. They have asked private fishermen in the area to report any catch.


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