Bluefin tuna torpedoed Lerøy salmon cage

325 kg tuna went through the net and was caught inside the cage.

The incident happened last Sunday at a Lerøy production site at Frøya, Central Norway.

“The [bluefin] tuna had made a hole in the net at a depth of 22 meters. Recapture nets were immediately put into the sea and the Directorate of Fisheries was notified. The diver went down and sewed the hole, before the tuna was caught with an net. No escape has been registered,” Lerøy Seafood Group’s communication manager Krister Hoaas said to SalmonBusiness.

“The tuna weighed 325 kilos and was sold to Laks & Vilt in Oslo, which is also part of Lerøy Seafood Group,” he added.

It’s not the first time a bluefin tuna has entered fish farming cages. This has happened several times the last few years, at salmon cages in the Western and Central parts of Norway.



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