Blumar and Friosur aim to follow Camanchaca to Oslo Stock Exchange


Salmon farmers in Chile perceive the Norwegian stock market as more attractive and specialized. 

In the end of September, Salmonbusiness reported that Camanchaca was aiming for the Oslo Stock Exchange. 

Now other farmers in Chile are looking to do the same, according to Pulso.

“We can not turn our back on the opportunity and we are following them very attentively,”  said Blumar general manager Gerardo Balbontín.

He emphasized that the Norwegian Stock Exchange has much more knowledge of the industry than the Chilean one.

Another company that did not rule out taking the same path was Friosur, linked to the Del Rio family. The company’s vice president, Carlos Vial, stated that “as with everything, if someone comes along with an attractive offer we are willing to evaluate it.”

Dag Sletmo, seafood analyst in the Norwegian bank DNB, stated that: “Financing is always done taking into account the individual characteristics of each company. For DNB, the long-term relationship is important and the Chilean companies in general have come out of the crisis in which they were embroiled, and are doing so much better than before. “


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