Blumar announces major $4 million upgrade to increase frozen salmon processing capacity by 420%

editorial staff

Chilean salmon farmer seeks to increase processing capacity from 3,000 tonnes-a month to 15,600 tonnes-a-month.

Diario Concepcion reports that Blumar is dramatically increasing frozen salmon processing capacity at its Talcahuano facility in the Chilean Biobío Region.

The USD 4 million project is seeking to upgrade from 3,000 tonnes-a month to 15,600 tonnes-a-month, according to a document uploaded to a government site.

“It will be achieved mainly by incorporating new process lines for the production of different types of products, individually quick-frozen (IQF), HG (headless or viscera), HON (whole without viscera), HGT (headless, without glue, without viscera), heads, among others, the construction of a spiral tunnel (Girofreezer) to freeze the product at -18oC and the construction of 8 static tunnels to cool the product between -2°C and 2°C, which will be added to two existing tunnels,” Blumar wrote.

If it gets the right environmental permissions, Blumar hopes to start work on the site next March.


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