Blumar cuts work force blaming salmon shortage

200 workers to go at Blumar’s Talcahuano plant, Biobío region, Chile, due to downturn in production.

Chilean salmon farmer Blumar has announced that about 200 workers will be dismissed from April due to the low availability of salmon, reports BioBioChile.

The company issued a statement blaming poor production figures due to the low salmon harvest that took place last year and 2019’s poor projections.

Blumar Chief Executive Officer Gerardo Balbontín downplayed the dismissals to La Tercera: “There is no crisis or any problem. It is not something that we are surprised about seeing,” he said.

It’s understood that only casual workers will be affected, however, some may be employed again when harvest levels are restored.

This is despite the company harvesting 67.5 per cent more fish than last year. 30 thousand tonnes in 2017 to 50.270 thousand tonnes in 2018.


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