Blumar gets two new Chile Magallanes region licences

The Chilean giant expects to harvest 20,000 tonnes in near Antartica by by 2020.

Authorities have granted two new aquaculture concessions to BluRiver SpA – controlled by Blumar – to farm salmon in Magallanes which are added to that company already has in the region, according to the site

One of ​​19.50 hectares, will be located in the Bertrand Canal, south of Punta Oriental, Isla Grande, Rio Verde commune, Magallanes province. And the second, of an area of ​​8.32 hectares, will located on the Contreras canal, southwest of Isla Surgidero, Sector 8, also in the commune of Río Verde.

Earlier this year we reported that Blumar was preparing to stock its concessions in the pristine waters in the Magallanes region in the country’s south, where second-quarter operations are part of a USD 120 million investment to strengthen production away from the algae-prone, and more recently, storm-prone Puerto Montt area.

It took eleven years of review, the Sub-secretary of the Armed Forces (SS.FF.AA.) to grant the new aquaculture licences.


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