Blumar recaptures over 17,000 escaped salmon

editorial staff

Salmon cage is 295m underwater. 

The salmon farmer Blumar has informed Chilean fishing authority Sernapesca that that around 17.778 fish have been recaptured by 477 local fishermen.

On Monday, SalmonBusiness reported that a storm hit the cages belonging to the major Chilean salmon farmer Blumar sunk containing up to 875,144 salmon average weight of 3.8kg.

Authorities then assessed that a large number of fish had escaped from the site based in the Hualaihué commune, Los Lagos, southern Chile.

In a statement, Blumar wrote it has deployed a ROV that is capable of going up to 300m underwater. This is so it can find the sunken structure and the possible presence of biomass inside the cages, when the weather conditions allow.


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