BMW car parts are obtained from decommissioned fishing and farming equipment

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Fishing and farming equipment recovered by Nofir is “everywhere” in BMW. 

Through various partners, Norwegian fishing and farming equipment has found its way to BMW’s car parts through the recycling company Nofir. From the past, the mats and some key rings have been made from reclaimed fishing and farming equipment from the company’s partners ECONYL and Bracenet.

Now the company will make car parts from tools from another partner, Danish Plastix.  This is what the car giant writes in a press release.

General manager of Nofir, Øistein Aleksandersen, said that recycled plastic from the fishing and farming industry is a favourite raw material.

“We have reached the point where car companies such as Jaguar and BMW, to fashion giants such as H&M and Gucci strive to use plastic recovered from the sea. It is very positive, especially when you go even further and get this into the car itself, not just the inventory,” Aleksandersen stated.

He believes that investments such as BMW’s will have extremely positive ripple effects both for them and for the industries in Norway.

Illustration: BMW

“The fact that such a large company profiles itself with the use of plastic from the sea has a huge impact on both us and the industries, directly and indirectly. The big companies depend on serious players who deliver good quality, and Norway can get a reputation for that,” the Nofir boss said.

“We also see the importance of good, high-quality fractions, and conscious use of tools. It is clearly an advantage that we have more nylon materials in stock, which are easier to recycle,” he added.

The move by BMW is a world first according to the company itself, whose NEW CLASS models must contain parts with more than 30 percent recycled netting and rope.

It contributes, in addition to the use of recycled plastic from the fishing and farming industry, to nearly 25 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than the use of conventional parts from plastic.


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