Bonuses paid, as Germans take Optimar

Salmon Business

German family firm Haniel has acquired process equipment maker Optimar from Credo Partners, writes newspaper Sunnmorsposten.

“We just see this as a strength that’ll provide stability with all the growth that we’ve had here. Growing quickly can be demanding. Everything that has to be done to achieve that growth can wear you down. That’s why it’s good that Haniel will think long-term by looking ahead 30 years instead of five as it might have been with Credo Partners,” said Elisabeth Marie Vik, shop steward of the Norwegian Engineers and Managers Association. According to Vik, Optimar will hang on to its name, structure, people and locales.

She said the reason for the company’s growth is the upswing in salmon markets and the success of Optimar’s de-licing kit, Optilice. However, the company is about to post annual turnover of NOK 100.9 million.

The Hanseatic M&A means its bonus time for the staff involved, although actual payouts were kept under wraps.

“There wasn’t much feedback from staff at the information meeting (Thursday). It was nice to read in the paper that staff were beaming with satisfaction. I’m delighted that all is in place. We continue as before. Not least, I’m happy we now have such solid owners. It’s positive for changes in the cost of living that have to come this way or that,” managing director, Haavard Saetre, told the newspaper.


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