Bornstein Seafoods processing facilities close because of onsite COVID-19 outbreak

editorial staff

To date, 13 employees have tested positive for virus.

Oregon Live reports that Pacific Northwest Oregon-based processor Bornstein Seafoods has closed its two processing plants.

Bornstein Seafoods processes lots of wild catch such as albacore tuna and Dungeness crabs, but also both troll and net caught wild salmon caught from Puget Sound harvests.

The company employs more than 200 in Astoria, Oregon. To date, 13 of its workers have tested positive for the virus.

“We are working hand in hand with county health officials to increase testing and implement contact tracing,” vice president Andrew Bornstein told the publication. “We are advising all of our employees to self-isolate and quarantine as advised by public health until further notice and guidance is provided”.

The family-run processor Bornstein Seafoods was founded by Myer A. Bornstein in 1934 during the Great Depression.


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