Both Chairman and CEO step down from NTS

Aslak Berge

Are heads-rolling in the fully integrated aquaculture group?

In a stock exchange announcement on Wednesday evening, it was reported that two heads of the combined wellboat company/salmon farm NTS announced they were stepping down.

“The Chairman of the Board, Roger Granheim, has announced that he is resigning from his position for capacity reasons in relation to his ordinary work situation. The Chairman of the board, Nils Martin Williksen, will therefore step down as the new Chairman of the Board with effect from the 1st of July. The deputy member, Vidar Kjesbu, will step in as a new board member from the same date,” the company wrote.

No reasons given
But it doesn’t stop there.

The statement added that CEO Harry Bøe has resigned from his position with a notice period of 6 months and he will leave on December 31.

No reason has been given why Harry Bøe has now resigned from his position.

Vice Chairman of the board Nils Martin Williksen insisted to Dagens Næringsliv that it is just a coincidence that both stepped down at the same time.

“That the two messages came at the same time is a pure coincidence,” said Williksen adding that he had not received any other other messages.

He went on to tell DN that he has “not been given any reason” for CEO Harry Bøe’s resignation.

NTS, which has a market capitalisation of EUR 804 million, recently separated Icelandic subsidiary Ice Fish Farm into a separate listed company. At the same time as the sale, around EUR 36 million was raised in a share issue.


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