Boulogne-sur-Mer salmon smokers hold their breath as France plans huge strikes

France’s fish capital may struggle to deliver as Emmanuel Macron facing biggest strikes of his presidency.

In Boulogne Sur Mer, salmon processors and smokers sent out fish the night before as to avoid demonstration and disruption, SalmonBusiness has learnt.

A spokesperson from salmon smoker Bourgain Et Fils said that the company was “crossing its fingers that the worst may pass”, but the company had confidence in its contracted truck drivers to deliver salmon to its customers.

A spokeperson from JC David said that it got everything out “last night”, but that they were planning for an impact on deliveries and sales.

The Guardian reports that rail services have “almost ground to a halt, with 82% of drivers on strike and at least 90% of regional trains cancelled, amid fears that the open-ended transport disruption could continue for days”.

Many are expected to take the streets – during the busy Christmas period – against proposed changes to the pension system.

Boulogne-sur-Mer is France’s (and one of Europe’s) leading fishing and processing ports. As well as a salmon smoking hub, it is also home to a Mowi processing and distribution plant.

A spokesperson Mowi told SalmonBusiness that “all in coming goods have arrived and outbound also and had no problems so far”.


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