Brand new wellboat goes aground

Salmon Business

The Ronia Diamond went aground off Sortland, Northern Norway early Wednesday, writes Norwegian newspaper VOL.

“The boat’s been there many times, so what caused us to hit something now we can only speculate on,” Solvtrans managing director, Roger Halsebakk, reportedly said.

SalmonBusiness did not learn whether the vessel was loaded with fish or not.

“We believe it might just be a little hole on a bottom (ballast) tank. Apart from that, we don’t know anything.”

No injuries were reported, and the wellboat is quayside in Sortland, about 85 kilometers northwest of Narvik.

The Ronia Diamond is designed for “gentle fish-handling”, owner Solvtrans said. Advanced freshwater treatment technology allows for open and closed fish transports. The 80-meter boat has a crew of six and carries 3,000 cubic meters of fuel.


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