Brandal appointed CEO at Aquaship/Intership

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Sverre Taknes, the former managing director, will now transition to a role as board member and strategic advisor.

Founder of wellboat company Intership, Ole-Peter Brandal, (aged 64) has been appointed as the CEO of the merged company AquaShip/Intership.

The transition comes after Brandal was slated to continue with the company as a board member and advisor.

With a fleet of 38 vessels and nearly 700 employees across several countries, AquaShip/Intership is a prominent global operator of aquaculture service vessels.

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Brandal, who previously served as CEO of Intership, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunities ahead and emphasized his alignment with the company’s vision.

“Sverre has been crucial in building a solid foundation for the company. We have worked closely together for many months now, and continuously discussed how we can best organize ourselves for the future. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead AquaShip/Intership and build on our success going forward. Together with our talented people, we will continue to work to exceed the expectations of both customers, employees and everyone around us,” said Brandal.

Sverre Taknes, the former managing director, will now transition to a role as a board member and strategic advisor.

“Since I founded AquaShip in 2005, I have been able to work with an outstanding team and build a company that is at the forefront of our industry. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to lead AquaShip. When I now take over the board, I look forward to continuing to shape the strategic direction of AquaShip/Intership and support Ole-Peter, with whom I have worked closely since December,” said Taknes.

Alex Schukin, the company’s chairman, highlighted Taknes’s contributions and expressed confidence in his continued involvement in shaping the company’s strategy.

The management change aims to leverage the combined strengths of AquaShip and Intership to enhance market position while ensuring continuity in management and strategic focus. AquaShip/Intership’s fleet encompasses various vessels involved in aquaculture operations across Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada, and Ireland.

Alex Schukin, chairman of the company, looks forward to continuing to work with both Brandal and Taknes.

“We appreciate everything Sverre has done for AquaShip/Intership and to unite the companies. He will have an important role in the strategy and in several key areas going forward. Our future is ambitious and exciting, and I am confident that we will achieve our goals together,” said Schukin.


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