Watch: Major damage reported as explosion rocks Mowi feed factory

Editorial Staff

This story is being updated.

Police in Norway have report on Twitter that an explosion has occurred at the Mowi Feed facility at Valsneset in Bjugn, central Norway.

“Report of a dust gas explosion in an industrial area in the Valsneset area,” the police posted on the social media channel.

There is extensive damage to the top structure and that roof tiles have fallen down, according to the police.

It is likely that a conveyor belt is overheating which has ignited fishmeal and caused an explosion. There were no people in the area when this happened due to safety routines. Emergency services are still working at the scene,” updated the emergency services.

A Mowi spokesperson confirmed the news to SalmonBusiness.  

“Unfortunately, there has been an explosion in one of the silos at the feed mill at Valsneset. All employees are accounted for and no one is injured. It is only a matter of material damage to the one silo. We will have to get back to the cause and consequences later,” said Communications Director Ola Helge Hjetland.


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