Bremnes Seashore has spent $70 million on a smolt plant. Now they want to invest a further $60 million

editorial staff

The company wants to produce post-smolt. 

Currently, fish farmer Bremnes Seashore is building a new smolt plant in the county of Rogaland in Norway. When the construction is completed in 2020, the company will produce 6.4 million smolt annually – a quadrupling of todays production.

But already Bremnes Seashore is planning a further expansion after 2020, according to local newspaper Grannar.

“We have not pushed the start button yet, but we want to be in the forefront before the owners deciding to expand or not. It will be a question whether if it’s money to earn by expanding, and if the owners will invest when that time comes,” said Øyvind Haraldseid, operations manager at Bremnes Seashore.

The plan is to have a new building with two production lines. The fish produced will have a weight around one kilogram.

If the plans become reality, Bremnes Seafood will spend around $60 million on the expansion. That means the company will invest a whopping $130 million in total on the new smolt plant.


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