Bremnes Seashore quarantines several employees after proven coronavirus

Editorial staff

An employee at Bremnes Seashore’s production facility in the South-Western part of Norway has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

In a press release from the company Monday afternoon, which was shared by the local newspaper Sunnhordland, CEO Einar Eide said:

“This has resulted in several employees in the business being quarantined. Bremnes Seashore follows up those involved and is in close contact with the municipal superior in Bømlo. Operation continues as normal, with very strict infection control measures.”

One of the guidelines is reduced close contact between employees, and access from externals to Bremnes Seashore’s facilities and sites unless special exceptions are cleared with the chief operating officer.

According to another local newspaper, Bømlo-Nytt, there are a total of ten quarantined employees, including the person infected.

Stated by the latest daily report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, 7,847 people have been detected Covid-19 in Norway. 208 deaths have been notified as of May 4.

Bremnes Seashore is also known for its “Salma salmon” brand in Norway.


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