Brisk Oslo trade lifts seven salmon shares

William Stoichevski

On an otherwise sagging Oslo Stock Exchange Thursday, salmon-growers were seeing another day of investor interest, as their relative surge through the first two months of 2018 continued.

Faroese grower, Bakkafrost — listed in Oslo but enjoying the fruits of the Danish territory’s “one salmon-farmer per fjord” policy — was up five percent by 2:30 in the afternoon after seeing about 83 million kroner in trades. The stock’s climbed EUR 5.94 since Jan. 2nd, and was last trading Thursday afternoon at EUR 41.

Investor favourite Marine Harvest was up two percent at mid-afternoon, before slipping slightly, with its shares continuing to defy price-target downgrades and threats of salmon-price softness. The world’s largest salmon grower is up over 12 percent in the New Year.

Others up Thursday afternoon in Oslo included Norway Royal Salmon (4.55 percent); Grieg Seafood (4.06 percent); Austevoll Seafood (2.68 percent); SalMar (2.14 percent) and The Scottish Salmon Company (1.87 percent).

Among listed salmon growers, only Salmones Camanchaca was down, falling by 1.37 percent.