British Columbia salmon farms will need First Nation approval to stay afloat

In the wake of protests a new policy has been given to First Nations the power of veto over the salmon industry in their territories.

One of the largest areas that producer of farmed Atlantic salmon in the world, companies such as Marine Harvest Canada will have to seek consent or face eviction.

The BC NDP (New Democratic Party of British Columbia) government will give the province’s fish farms four years to secure the support of any local First Nations, Global News reported. While some First Nations support aquaculture operations, many do not.

Instead of closing fish farms, agriculture Minister Lana Popham announced that farm tenures will be renewed on a month-to-month basis. The new rules requiring First Nation consent take effect June 22, 2022.

Canada is expected to produce around 140,000 tonnes of salmon this year, and around half of this is from British Columbia. There are 740 aquaculture operations in the area that employ 6,000 people.


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