Building boom rolls on: 40 service boats currently on order for salmon industry

Aslak Berge

Prosperous times for salmon are having a major ripple effect.

Despite a massive fleet growth over the last decade, the aquaculture industry continues to place new boat orders. Particularly popular are the category of service vessels, workboats and aquaculture boats.

Fleet renewal
In a period when the offshore industry still seems to be well supplied with new builds, salmon farming companies and service companies are the primary builders, providing jobs at Norwegian shipyards. Despite several years of fleet renewals, there is still a lot of activity at the yards targeting this industry.

A total of 40 service boats/workboats/farming boats are now under construction. This was stated in an overview prepared by Maritimt Magasin.

Given it costs an estimated average price of EUR 2 million per new build, this comes to around EUR 80 million in boat orders.

Investment desire
Players such as Skarsvaag Båt, Skogsøy Båt, Promek, Sletta Verft, Riisnes Marine Craft, Grovfjord Mek. Verksted and Fitjar Mek are all reporting high activity and investment desire.

However, it is not only this category that is experiencing demand. The overview also shows that seven well boats are currently being built, in addition to two harvest vessels at Norwegian yards.

The average price of wellboats is worth upwards of EUR 30 million per piece, which means an order book of at least around EUR 210 million in that segment.


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