Bureacracy stalls Canada’s first lumpfish facility

editorial staff

“Everything is bogged down. It’s dragged out”.

Marbase – which is owned by St. John’s businessman Paul Antle and Norwegian Bjorn Apeland – announced earlier last year their intention to develop a Lumpfish Hatchery at the old Marystown Shipyard, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

CBC reports that the project -which is backed by Norwegian investors which will provide three million lumpfish annually – is stalled again. Antle said he is he waiting to hear from the provincial government on an environmental preview report he will need to submit before he can move ahead. A response from Environment Minister has also been delayed.

“The red tape in our bureaucracy right now is mind-blowing,” Antle told The St. John’s Morning Show. “It’s almost getting anti-business.”

“Capital moves around the world all the time and it goes to places where there’s less resistance. Trying to figure out what the exact timeline is going to be is like trying to guess the winning numbers of the lottery right now.”


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