BW Seacat delivers inspection vessel for ROV

It’s the fourth contract for the Fareham-based company. 

The ROV inspection and survey boat, the ROV1304 was unveiled at the Seawork 2018 conference in May and is scheduled to be handed to the Bergen-based company, ROV, next week.

ROV is a company that specialises in cost-effective inspections and uses a wide range of inspection vehicles to carry out inspection in air and with ROV down to 1400m depth, usually equipped with multiple cameras. The company’s MD, Robert Sørheim Olsen, told SalmonBusiness:

“The new vessel ROV has more features to run more efficient operations, so can can handle bigger and even more clients. BW Seacat have delivered, they’ve been good for us and have proven that they operate well, which why we chose them again.”

So will there be a number 5?

“At the moment, all I can say is that we are looking at other vessels for larger operations,” added the MD.

The Hampshire (UK) built ROV1304 was built to maximise efficiency and manoeuvrability and was designed with crew comfort as a priority. The vessel has a 13m long fast displacement and “aims to do more with less,” said Ben Plummer of BW Seacat talking to MaritimeJournal. “Like its sisters it will be suitable for duty cycles of several days, a pair of crew working in two shifts, so there’s a requirement for deck space plus cabins and comfort facilities for two, afforded by the 4.7m beam.”

Fischer Panda UK supplied it with a Panda 25i generator and Seafari Mini 170 watermaker, while the vessel was first in Europe to use Suzuki Marine’s DF325 outboards.



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